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Red blood cells have an average lifespan of about 120 days, though new red cells go into the circulation daily, as old cells die. I don't know that the effect of even 600 milligrams of iron daily would be noticable until a couple of months. IV iron treatment is supposed to work more quickly, I believe because the absorption level would be quicker than with an oral supplement. In any case, the iron stores in your bone marrow and other storage components in your body, have to be replenished in order to get new, healthy red blood cells into circulation.

Just as an aside: The serum ferritin level blood test reflects your body's iron storages. Your hemoglobin will be decreased due to ongoing low levels of that iron: iron deficicency anemia is also in the class of anemias knows as "Hypochromic, Microcytic Anemias"-- this reflects the decreased amount of hemoglobin in each cell (hypochromic) and the smaller than normal size of the red cells (microcytic) that results again from ongoing low levels of iron.

In any case, the IV iron should allow for earlier, though still not immediate, relief from the fatigue, lethargy, lack of energy, etc. But the reason for the iron deficiency still needs to be identified. In premenopausal women, heavy menstrual bleeding the most common cause of anemia.

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