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I have had an iron infusion, 7 years ago now. No side effects, felt great thru whole procedure. They are safe as long as you don't have too many close together. No after effects either. Take iron supps with Vit c. Don't take with other minerals/vitamins except Vit c which helps the uptake of iron and don't have within an hour of a cup of tea. Your magnesium and other minerals may be out of whack or depleted as well. This will also stop the uptake of iron from food (I assume your diet is good??) Hope this helps.
I'm late to respond and haven't been on here much, but was coming to post a question of my own and saw this. For what it's worth, I have had to have iron injections (IM) instead of the IV, my doctor said it's slightly less risky. I have been having them for almost a year now, started weekly, then bi-weekly and now once a month, and *knock wood* no major side effects.

They hurt quite a bit and I'm sore for about a day or two afterwards, and I find that if I'm under the weather it can push me a bit further (i.e. if I'm fighting off a cold, it can push me the rest of the way) but otherwise, I haven't had much trouble. My only recommendation would be to ensure you get a doctor/nurse who knows what he/she is doing. For example, at my clinic there are six nurses, and only one feels comfortable enough to give the injection. I guess it's really important they get it "just right" or it can cause problems.

Feel free to message me if you want more info, I had a ferritin of 0 when all this started so it has been a long and SLOW process to get me back up.

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