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I am new here, and also newly diagnosed with iron deficiency. My hemoglobin is a 10 and my ferritin a 6, B12 434 which my doctor said is within range, thyroid 1.43 also normal. I feel exhausted all the time, have a rapid pulse rate, fuzzy thinking, a dull headache most days...I barely have enough energy to cook, and some days I don't. I also have an anxiety disorder, panic attacks and agoraphobia which make getting to the doctor a challenge to say the least. I was anemic in my early 20's but being in my 20's I didn't follow through very long with taking my iron pills. Never really ever felt up to par...The anxiety started in my teens went away for years and came back in my early 30's which lead me to become disabled. I am 47 now and feeling worse than ever. I have always had a heavy and long menstrual cycle, so I believe that is what is causing the anemia.

Okay, now to some questions; how long will it take to feel better? I only started taking Ferrous Sulfate 2 weeks ago, two days later I started my menstrual cycle it was typical 4 or 5 days pretty heavy and gone in 7.....but now I feel even more tired than before I started taking the iron, my guess is my menstrual cycle further depleted the iron. I take 65 mg twice a day.....should I be taking more? I need to get some energy back as my husband is also disabled from a terrible car accident and it's just me trying to take care of everything. He has some good days where he actually goes out and picks up some groceries (I don't leave the house (agoraphobic) so everything is quite challenging now. I also have been taking a PPI for GERD for over 12 years now, but as I said the doctor said my B12 is within normal range. Any input would be so appreciated. sorry so long....

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