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Mystery Anemia
Jan 3, 2010
about 3 years ago (Feb 07), i found out i had severe anemia thru a routine wellness check. my hemoglobin was 5.6 and i rec'd 4 units of blood. the usual tests were run, and it was discovered that i had ulcers. the transfusion raised my hemoglobin to 14. My hemoglobin stayed between 12.5 and 14 until it began to drop in spring/summer 09. Early Sept 09, I was diagnosed again with severe anemia ... hemoglobin was 6.8 and ferritin was 3. I rec'd 3 units of blood. Testing showed the ulcers to have healed. Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and MRI showed no other other concerns. I was told they had not checked my small intestine, not sure why. My hemoglobin raised to 12.8 following the transfusions. I was put on 2 iron pills, 65 mg, daily. I ate the right foods, took Vit C and orange juice to increase Iron absortion, etc etc. It is now Dec 09 and my hemoglobin is again dropping, down to 9.8. My ferritin is not coming up either. My dr finally referred me to a hematologist and the hematologist is recommending IV iron supplementation. He feels i have a problem with iron absorbtion. I am experiencing hair loss, itchy skin in places, painful and stiff joints (chondroitan sulfate is helping somewhat for the joints). So far, they can not diagnose what is causing my severe anemia. i am so sick of being sick and tired ... anyone else had this?

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