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Basicly around june last year One day i started to feel off balance and had alot of nausea, so I went to the doctors.

Was told at the time I had a blocked ear that was most likely what was causing it, was given some ear drops that did nothing, went back a couple weeks later to have the ear syringed, still no different.

went back to the doctors, had some blood tests done and a urine test came back all clear, had some pills for the dizziness which seemed to make it worse if anything..

Went to the dentist about a week later, was told I had a tooth abcess which could be causing it, too antibiotics for a week, stopped my tooth acheing but still had the nausea/dizzyness all the time

A few doctors appointments later, I was refered to a ENT doctor (who I had to wait 3 months to see, then had the appointment canceled, then had to wait in the hospital for a hour and a half to see someone for 5 mins) who basicly just said it will go with time(this was at the start of november)

since then I've been back to the doctors countless times, and have been given all sorts of pills/possible explantions for this and had a few more blood tests, the only thing thats came up in any of it is that I have low iron which wasnt until about 4 weeks ago, have been taking iron for, for 4 weeks now and am no diffrent.

To cut that short, ive been permanently dizzy (no spinning, just feel off balance 99% of the time) have nausea on and off,(not actully threw up at all) and my stomach generally dont feel right, i also have headaches alot of the time (around the sides of my head above my ears),ringing in ears most of the time, also from time to time have a sore thoat with swolen glands on my neck and feel dehydrated this has all been going on for 7 months, and I feel like im gettin nowhere with doctors.

I now have a appointment with a gastroligist which ive had to wait 4 months for.

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what I can do about this or any similar experiance, this is completely ruining my life as im unable to do anything due to feeling so awful all the time, any confidence I had is gone, and Im starting to think that im just gonna end up stuck like this forever, Im a 22 year old guy, and have never had any problems with my health whatsoever until now.

Ive tryed various pills given by the doctor which have been no use as almost every pill has a side effect of either dizzyness or nausea, so makes one of them worse, tryed being hypnotized, accupunture, various herbal alternatives, and nothing whatsoever seems to help, i have had a couple days where ive felt ok, id say about a week all together in the last 7 months

Anyone have any ideas on weather it could be this iron thing? I have no idea how long it would take to kick in, but ive been eating food with iron in and taking the iron syrup doctors give me for a month now and have noticed no difference, Im seriously considering making some sort of complain against the doctors surgery, as I dont feel Im being taken seriously, surely after 7 months I should have had more than a few blood tests and a ENT appointment? How would I go about doing this? (im in UK)

Any suggestions are welcome as its gettin to the point now where I feel like im never gonna feel normal or be the person I used to be again, and am perminantly stressed out (due to this and only this, i have no other problems in my life other than feeling awful 24/7 and not being able to have a life due to it).


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