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Well, I had my blood tested again a couple of weeks ago and finally got the results today and I'm not encouraged at all. :( My iron is 12.6 and my ferritin stayed a 6 and this is after taking 3 of the "super" iron pills/day (Bifera). These pills are supposed to be the equivalent of transfusions and people normally respond when taking one pill/day. I just don't understand why nothing is changing for me. I honestly thought my levels would have soared by now!!

My gastro doc isn't concerned at all, which really ticked me off!! I want to know WHY this is happening. Where is the blood going? Why am I losing it?? The nurse said the doc thinks it's because of my monthly period that this is happening and my OB/GNY doc said no, she doesn't think so..... She encouraged me to go to a hematologist to get to the bottom of this, the cardiologist I saw early April told me to see one and my GP doc told me I need to see one, too, so I am finally taking their advice. I asked the nurse if my gastro doc would give me a referral to a hematologist and she said she would check with him and let me know but she didn't think it would be a problem. It better NOT be!! I'm tired of dealing with this!

Sorry to vent--I'n sure others have been in this situation. I just wonder why a doctor wouldn't want to get to the bottom of it! I know my iron isn't really that bad, but my ferritin IS and I'm starting to really see the results. My hair is getting pretty thin in places.

For those of you that have seen a hematologist, please tell me they were finally able to get the answers you needed?!? That's my prayer--that someone can figure this out and get me back to normal.


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