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Has your Dr. said anything about taking a B-12 suglingual pill that would help. Don't take your iron with milk cause milk chelates the iron and will just take to your stomach and out of the body. Try cooking in an iron skillet that is good too. Iron makes people constipated so make sure you are getting enough fiber also.
Well, I went back to the hematologist today and I can NOT believe how right on everyone that posts on this board is!! Well, actually I can, but I am REALLY IMPRESSED!! :) The doc ran tons of tests on my blood and along with my low hemoglobin, hematocrit, MCV, MCH and ferritin, I am also on the low end of B-12. There was also some inflammation in my system and since I'm not in a flare with my ulcerative colitis, she said there may be just enough inflammation somewhere in my intestines (possibly) that is causing some malabsorbtion problems. She also said one of the main reasons I MAY have iron deficiency anemia is because of the Nexium! I told her that I was on a message board that suggested that may be the reason already (you guys are good)!! LOL!! She switched me from Nexium to Zantac and I'm going to try that for a few months to see if my "iron" numbers start to rise. She also said a multi vitamin was also necessary (something I ALSO learned here from all of you that posted!). I am just so impressed with all the knowledge you all bring to these message boards, it felt so good to be able to talk to my doc and have her validate all the info you have all given me. I brought a whole list of info I learned here to talk to her about.

She didn't have my ferritin numbers today, but will have them by tomorrow and if they've dropped since my last visit, I WILL have to go in for more IV iron; she'll just try something different and hope I don't have a reaction (a different "brand", I guess, that instead of going in for a 4 hour treatment every few months, I would go in once a week for 5 weeks and it would be about an hour each time).

I now also have to start taking 1000 mg of B12 daily. I'll have to go read up on all the B12 posts. Don't know what to expect with this, if I'll have trouble with my stomach or not...

One quick question, tho, when you all take your multi vitamin, do you take it with food or without. I had so much info given me today, I can't remember what she said. If I remember correctly she said I could take it at bedtime. Does that sound right?? Maybe she said take the Zantac at night? I always take my Nexium in the morning, so I think that's when I'll take the Zantac, but any info anyone can give me will be much appreciated.

Again, I can't thank you all enough. You have been such a blessing to me as I go thru this journey. It really helps to have people respond and want to be helpful!! You are all awesome and I appreciate you so much!


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