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Well, I had my appointment with my hematologist on Monday. I spent MAYBE 5 minutes with him, I was furious!! He rushed in and rushed out so quickly I wasn't able to remember any questions I had wanted to ask him. I had a second Upper GI/EDG in August. I finally got results the week before my appointment with the hematologist and it came back saying I had gastritis and to continue to take my Zantac. Well, I looked up gastritis online and it said that gastritis can be caused by pernicious anemia -- I did find out earlier that my B12 is low and I have to take B12 daily, so I wondered if I possibly had both pernicious and iron deficiency anemia. I was going to talk to the doc about that but he was really kind of a jerk (so different from his PA that I have been seeing) and I was so caught off guard that I completely forgot my questions and I left there not knowing anything except that:

Apparently after my 5 IV iron infusions I am no longer anemic! For that I am thankful! My hemoglobin is 12.7 and my ferritin is 67 (I had to call and find that out because they didn't know that day). I thought my numbers would be a little higher than that because I've been taking the Bifera iron pills right along with my infusions. I've read people that have had iron infusions and their ferritin levels soared WAY up there like to 300 or something, but I guess that doesn't happen for everyone.

To all the great minds out there: do my numbers seem okay to you after getting my series of iron infusions? I have to go back in three months for follow up appointment and get my blood tested again. I will continue to take my iron pills and see if I can start gagging down that blackstrap molasses I bought a few months ago and see if I can keep my numbers up. I just don't want to have to keep going thru this. AND I want to keep my hair! My gosh, has it gotten thin!!! :(

Anyway, thanks in advance for any info you can give me about your levels after infusions.


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