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I need answers
Feb 22, 2010
I have been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia and started doing treatments of Iron through an IV. I have an absorbency problem due to a gastric bypass. The Dr. told me I would need 3 treatments every 18 months. It's been about 45 days and I feel terrible. I am pale, tired, my RLS (restless leg syndrome) is back. I have been dizzy and disoriented. I crave ice like I did before. It all seems to be coming back. Got blood results today and they are as follows.
I will only list the things that are high/low, or specific Iron tests
Hemoglobin is 14
Hematocrit is 43.1
MCV is 87.2
MCH is 28.3 with low indicator
RBC-SD 55.5 with high indicator
RBC-CV 17.2 with high indicator
reticulocyte count .6
total CO2 is 33 with high indicator
Albumin is 4.9 with high indicator
Iron is 75
TIBC is 303
Transferrin Saturation is 25
and Ferritin is 21.1

From the websites and reading the results my hemoglobin seems good but I am getting a lot of indications that the MCH and RBC being within those ranges is an indicator of Iron deficiency. Any thoughts?

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