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A couple of years ago my haemoglobin was down at 7 (normal 12-16 for women). I took iron tablets which took it to the normal level.

Last May I started getting the symptoms of anemia again, and got a blood test. My ferritin and haemoglobin were in the low normal range, but my B12 was only at 87 (I was told the normal is 200-1051). The doctor didn't seem to think there was a problem, but I went to the pharmacy and bought B12 tablets anyway.

I then got another blood test around September last year and all of those vitamins were fine but still at low normal range, and B12 was up to 382 which was better.

I had a blood test earlier this week and just got the results. It has been around 5 or 6 months since the blood test before this one. Here are my results:

Haemoglobin - 13.5 (normal 12-16)

Ferritin - 21 (normal 15-300)

B12 - 231 (normal 200-1051)

Haemoglobin is fine, ferritin is low, and my b12 had dropped again. B12 has dropped from 382 to 231 in the space of 5 or 6 months. Does this mean anything? I eat healthy, and have plenty fruit and veg. Does anyone have advice on why my B12 may be dropping?

Anyone? Also, should I take normal vitamins, or higher dose vitamins?
Hasn't anyone had any experience with ferritin and b12 dropping for no obvious reason?

Any help would be appreciated.
Have you been to a hematologist? They could probably help you more, since you're not getting any replies.
Well my doctors aren't interested really. They just say, 'some young girls just get low vitamin levels'. They just act as if I'm overreacting.
Oh, maybe look for another to get a 2nd opinion. My hematologist is giving me iron infusions and he will be giving me b12 shot. My endrocrinologist has told me I am b12 def. now as well as Vitamin d. He is checking me for celiac. He said that will cause deficienes. Maybe you should bring that up to your doctor.

I spoke to a different doctor on the phone who told me to "go to a health food store and see if you can find anything that may help to raise your vitamin levels if your worried".


My vitamin levels are not below the bottom line, but they have lowered a lot since the last time I had them checked.


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