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Heya Maha104. I'm sorry to hear about this problem. I totally understand the frustration. I see you're in Dubai so the medical system is probably a bit different than in the US. I mean, when I was in Europe, it was not polite to tell the doctors how you felt about his diagnosis. So I dont know how it is in Dubai.

Regardless, You way want to check on a few things. I thought chocolate actually was bad for anemia and iron consumption. Also, coffee and gum. So I would suggest you google this to find out more information on this.

Have your doctor prescribed any iron pills or other treatment? The prescribed medicines are stronger and better for you than the over the counter vitamins. I just purchased a Vitamix and have started drinking my vitamins. Its a high powered blender that also blends your fruit and vegetables into a nice drink. Look for other foods that are high in iron like liver (yuck!).

The last point I want to make is that I understand how you feel about always feeling tired and depressed. Don't give up. Today was my first day of working out (exercising) in my basement. Nothing major, just a few bounces to some songs. I did a few leg lifts, stretches, and sit ups. I felt so much better and smiled when it was all over.

I can't tell you what to do about work because of how things are here versus there. I told one person in my management chain about my issue and felt better. You should try this because if you faint at work, someone will know why. Visiting these boards have also made me feel better and know that its not just me. Its a problem many women face. You are not alone. Just take it day by day, take control of your health, and enjoy each day you wake.

Hope this helps... JosieO

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