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My ferritin is also 21, but my doctor says I should just do nothing about it - what kind of advice is that?! So anyway, I know that 21 is very low, and if I just leave it, it will just get lower then I will need treatment. Might as well treat it when it's within the normal low range rather than in the low.

I went to a health food store today to get iron tablets. They have Vitamin C in them too which will help me to absorb the iron. Only thing is, the highest dosage I could find in the health food store is 14mg (the normal daily amount). You could maybe try this dose and see if it helps? Although, you are best trying to get prescribed a higher dose from a doctor to get your levels up. Wish I could get prescribed a higher dosage but my doctors just won't do it.

Have you had other vitamins tested to see if anything else is low? My B12 is low as well as my ferritin. Have you had B12 tested?

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