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What now?
Mar 4, 2010
For the past year, if not longer, I've been feeling exhausted and, for lack of a better way to describe it, just like something is off with my body.

Several people said that it was probably either low iron or something with my blood sugar, so I started monitoring my blood sugar and taking iron pills.

Finally in June of last year, I'd had enough of feeling that way and made an appointment to have everything checked out. Everything came back fine. Which was relieving and frustrating at the same time. After that I stopped taking the iron pills because they didn't seem to be helping and just tried to get used to feeling tired and walking around in a fog all the time.

A few weeks ago, a family member asked me if I'd had my thyroid checked because thyroid problems run in the family. I started reading about it and it seemed to fit all of my symptoms, so I called the Dr and they said my thyroid levels were fine in June, but they made me an appointment the next day to check my thyroid and everything else out again.

One of the first things the doctor mentioned was that I'd gained 17 pounds in the last eight months(10 of which was gained between June and Sept., but I didn't tell her that.) and did I know why? I told her I didn't know why because I haven't changed anything. (Which is true. I know I didn't change anything in those first three months, so I don't know why I started gaining weight. All I know is that I've never been able to lose weight no matter what I've tried; except eating very little which worked some, but wasn't healthy and I gained the weight back when I started eating normally anyway. But for the past few years I'd been steadily at one weight until I gained that 17 pounds.) She told me that I should eat more fruits and veggies and try to walk 30 minutes a day and I would shape right up.

They drew blood and told me they would call me if anything was wrong. They called and I was told that my iron was low and something was wrong with my cholesterol. They want me to come in once a month for B12 shots for the iron and to take fish oil pills for the cholesterol.

I was frustrated that it wasn't my thyroid because that seemed to fit all of my symptoms, but anyway. I went in for my first B12 shot on Monday. I asked the nurse giving it to me how long it usually takes for it to work, she said some people feel better after the first shot, but for some it takes two or three, and that after her first shot she wanted to clean her whole house.

Fast forward to Wednesday and I still don't feel the least bit better. I call the Dr and am told that sometimes it takes more than one shot, and that no, they can't give me another one until next month. I don't think I can take another month of feeling like this.

Is there anything I can do other than wait another month for the next shot (and hope that helps)? Will getting my iron levels up make it so I can lose the weight? Does low iron even explain my symptoms (lack of energy, dizziness, feeling like I'm walking around in a fog, irregular periods, weight gain/inability to lose weight, etc.)?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Re: What now?
Mar 22, 2010
[QUOTE=herekittykitty;4198425]Your thyroid tests can fall in the "normal" range but be at the low or high end of the range. Just because your tests fall in the range doesn't mean they are normal for you. Call your doctor and get a copy of all your lab results along with the lab ranges. Go over to the thyroid board on here and read, read, read. It is a common problem for people's thyroid tests to be in the normal range but they still have thyroid problems. My numbers are in range, but in the low range. My thyroid antibodies, like someone else mentioned, were high. I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease, where my body is attacking and killing off my thyroid, but my TSH, T3, and T4 were all "normal", thus suggesting I don't have a thyroid issue. My doctor happens to be a progressive thinker and a thyroid expert and she also did the thyroid antibodies test and found them to be high. My other thyroid tests were normal. Most doctors only test for the TSH and that will not always catch a thyroid problem. Get your lab results. Without those, it's hard to say whether you have a thyroid issue or not. You also need to ask this doctor to not only test for TSH (which is what the doctor usually only test for), Free T3, and Free T4, and your thyroid antibodies.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your help and sorry for my late reply. :)

I'd been wondering if it was possible for my thyroid levels to be normal, but there still be something wrong with my thyroid, so thanks for telling me that. (I've also wondered the same about my blood sugar levels.)

How do they check the other things you mentioned? I'm afraid my doctor won't want to check anything related to my thyroid again, since my thyroid has been "fine" both times it was checked. I don't think she even wanted to check it the second time.

I'm getting even more frustrated with this situation as time passes. The B12 shot they gave me on March 1st hasn't done anything for me, so I still have absolutely no energy. And everybody (except the people that also think I have a thyroid problem) thinks, like the doctor, that if I would just eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise then the weight would come right off. Which is extremely frustrating. :(

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