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[QUOTE=jonnstar;4201463]Sparkle - that doesnt sound right, if you go to a pharmacy, they should have higher strength iron pills avaliable.... 14mg is enough to keep you healthy, but it isnt enough to actively trean anaemia.

Go to a pharmacy, and speak to the pharmacist, s/he should be able to recoment a good iron preperation to help you![/QUOTE]

Hi jonnstar!

Thanks for replying. I went to a pharmacy but I was told I could not buy the higher dose iron pills from them without a prescription, which is a problem because my doctor thinks I don't need a prescription. I am not lower than the range which is why they wont prescribe me but I think I am low enough to take a higher dose than 14mg.

My b12 is 231 (normal 200-1051) so mine is on the low end.
My ferritin is 21 (normal 15-300) so mine is on the low end.

My b12 was at 387 5 months ago which is worrying on why it dropped so fast (the doc says this is nothing to worry about). But I have started taking 1000ug anyway which is the highest dose available that I could buy.

About the ferritin, I don't think 14mg is going to raise my iron as much as I would like it to.

Thanks again

ydavid02 - how are you getting on with your iron pills?

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