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Great to see you.

Okay here are my values:
WBC: 6.9 10^9/L [3.5-11.0]
RBC: 3.69 10^12/L [3.80-5.20] L (was 3.49 in Sep. 09)
HGB: 11.6 g/dL [11.7-15.7] L (was 11.1 in Sep. 09)
HCT: 34.3% [34.9-46.9] L (was 32% in Sep. 09)
MCV: 93.1 fL [80.0-100.0]
MCH: 31.5 pg [26.4-34.0]
MCHC: 33.8 g/dL [31.4-35.8]
RDW: 12.2% [11.5-14.5]
PLT: 248 10^9/L [140-444]
MPV: 7.4 fL [6.5-11.6]

Ferritin: 112 ng/mL [10-291] (it was 51 in Feb 09, not drawn Sep. 09)

The GYN was as surprised as I was that these numbers aren't better. She suggested a supplement with B12 and Folate (not just iron) so I am now taking Ferrochel. Will retest in 5 months.

I am thinking, if at that point I am still low, I will get a referral to a hematologist. I guess. I'm not really sure what to think of this. She said as long as she has been testing me (which is two years now), my numbers haven't changed much at all from these. So I'm not getting worse and certainly these numbers aren't terrible. But I'm not getting better either.


I would love your thoughts. Thank you!


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