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I used to post here over a year ago. I felt I got as many answers as I could and I hope I helped a few people too.

A couple of years ago, when my long-time anemia finally got bad enough that my Internist became concerned, we ran a few tests. The upper endoscopy and lower colonoscopy came back normal for anything that may cause bleeding. I knew it was my heavy monthly periods causing it, but the doctor wanted to rule the abdominal stuff out and it was decided that I would have an endometrial ablation finally last year. I had the procedure through my gynecologist's office in September. At the time of my procedure, my blood count was so low that the doctor had me double up on my iron supplement for the month before the procedure. It was high enough on the day of surgery to proceed safely, but still low.

Well, I am SO thrilled after having the ablation. I have not had a period, as in NO blood, since September 2009. So imagine my surprise when I had my physical a week ago and my Internist told me that my lab results still showed my blood count as mildly low. And I have been taking my iron supplements all along, hoping the doctor would let me stop after this physical.

I did not have ferretin levels checked this time, but when I see my gynecologist for my annual exam in a month, I will ask her to order it and see what she has to say about this anemia still persisting. I am afraid as of this writing, I don't have the actual blood count values either from this most recent test, but I intend to get those as well. Just wondering if there is something we aren't looking at here. Am I expecting too much after 5 months of having no period? Maybe this is to be expected. I take Ferrochel because it doesn't wreck my stomach. It worked amazing well when I started it over a year ago. So much so, that my Internist wanted to know what I was taking so she could recommend it to others. Could it be that my supplement is no longer working? I still even take it with vitamin C. Literally, nothing has changed in my regimen.

Thank you for any suggestions you all might have :wave:


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