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Boy, am I glad to have found this forum!

I am about 6 years post-op for gastric bypass surgery, and overall very healthy. I went to the doc recently complaining of not being able to concentrate and feeling "dumb". She did a whole host of blood work and found my HCT = 31%; HGB + 9.7; total iron = 22; ferritin = 4 and % iron saturation 5%.

So, this explains, perhaps, the concentration issues, as well as the dizziness, and SOB I've had at the gym. Ironically, the day she told me my results, I had a fitness reassessment at the gym, and scored worse than when I started working out 3 months ago! I also get tachycardic at the gym, and sometimes at home.

My doctor told me to take 3 iron pills a day and come back in 4 months to get retested. She brushed off my suggestion that this is a malabsorption issue from my WLS. When I mentioned exercise, she just said "don't stress about working out." She asked about my diet and said "we normally don't see these numbers in the States." My diet is actually pretty darned good, and would be iron-sufficient for regular folk.

So, thoughts on the following?
exercise -- until I learned of this problem, I worked out 1-2 hours a day 5 days a week. Since then I've felt too tired and frankly scared, due to the dizziness and heart racing I've had.
waiting 4 months to get my levels retested?

I swear I've felt pretty depressed since I heard the results, and I have no idea why. Maybe I'm finally giving in to the fatigue I had been feeling but had brushed off.

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