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Hey board thank you for reading this.

27 year old male

I'll condense a long year worth of problems very short and if you have questions I'll be more then willing to provide details. About this time last year I was having RLS symptoms. Started off mildly and then continuely have gotten worse. Primary doc put me on requip. RLS persisted. Saw neurologist he discovered I had anemia and forwarded info to primary doc. Primary doc said to take a mens vitamin with iron and left it at that. Neurologist took me off requip because of side effects and put me on neurontin. Symptoms got worse and worse. RLS starting in aug 09 started to consume my life. I wasn't getting any sleep. Ending up losing two jobs and found myself not getting help. Went to ER frequently for RLS out of desperation for sleep. Got a new neurologist she put me on klonopin, neurontin, sinimet and later vicodin. I begged her for sleep study. She refused. Asked primary for sleep study. Had sleep study in October. Nothing abnormal found except dr there recognized my ferritin level was 18 like the rest of the specialist had but didn't feel it was being properly treated and sent me to a GI doctor specializing in causes of RLS from GI problems. When I saw him he couldn't believe I've seen so many doctors and specialist for that matter and they weren't treating my iron. He put me on IV iron as an outpatient once a week for 6 weeks. Not fun - however I had a fast improvement of RLS symptoms within the 2nd dose!!!!! I had sleep once again. GI doc did colonoscopy and endoscopy and found my gallbladder was enlarged and was protruding into stomach. Found myself in hospital for 4 days while they ran various test on gallbladder. They recommended surgery. I respectfully refused of fear of wrong diagnoses compounded by recovery. My new GI doc continued tests to find why my iron was low. I did a hydrogen breath test and it confirmed I had small bacteria overgrowth in my gut. He put me on xifaxin and a low dose of erithromycin along with Align. He also treated abdominal pain with belladonna. Some version of IBS but no constipation or diareah.

In december after getting out of hospital I aggressively reduced following meds.

neurontin 2400mg to 0
siniment 100mg to 0
vicodin 10mg to 0

This made my mind a mess. I had severe confusion but just pressed hard.

At this time. My neruologist had previously tried various benzos including, klonopin, ativan, and xanax.

My dose in december was 4mg xanax nightly.

I have been going through hell trying to get off the xanax. My neurologist wouldn't put me on valium and is very non specific on helping me taper but starting to be aggressive with me as it's been a couple months now. I'm down to about 1-2mg a day. I went 44 hours a week ago without any and I was shaking and stomach messed up. Coudln't concentrate so I went back on at around 1mg but it varies. I essentially decreased my dose from by .5mg every week.

I can't shake the last bit of it. I get very very sick. I have neurontin, tramadol, klonopin, hydroxyzine, belladonna, ambien, and melatonin access.

I've recently tried taking klonopin instead as it has a much longer half life. Tonight I took 2 tramadols and 300mg of neurontin. I can't sleep. I'm considering ambien but it's so close to xanax I really don't want to trade one problem for another - but if i have to i will temporarily.

I want off the med so bad. Willing to do about anything. I don't have health insurance so that becomes problematic but otherwise I have descent support.

Thank you,

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