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Hi - new here! I appreciate any input you all have regarding these labs. They are quite confusing considering they don't quite add up to...anything, actually. Some normal, some low, but those that are low should actually be high..etc.

I have not been diagnosed with "anemia", but I was told I had very low Ferritin and I needed to supplement with Iron for months and then get re-checked.

I am a vegetarian and have been for close to 10 years. I do eat eggs, cheese, other dairy and soy products. I have not supplemented with Iron ever.

My Ferritin is 14, normal range is considered 13-150. I was told this was far too low.

Following are other results (my HGB and HCT have always been normal):

HGB 14.2 (normal is 12-16)
HCT 44.1 (normal is 35-47)
All other parts of the CBC w/differential are normal as well. Not sure what else pertains to this.

My serum iron is 75 (normal is 35-155)
Iron Saturation is 36% (normal 15-55%)

The confusing thing is this. My UIBC and TIBC are both low, yet I do not have high iron and certainly not high ferritin.

UIBC 132 (normal 150-375)
TIBC 207 (normal 250-450)

Other random bits of information. My vitamin D level is on the low end of normal. B12 is totally normal, in the 500's. I do go through major stress/anxiety at times where my diet really sucks and I can't eat much for days and I probably don't get the proper nutrients at times. I'm about 5-10 lbs overweight, so not malnourished, unless I am lacking in a particular nutrient. I have chronic lyme disease and have had it for the past 9 years - been on various antibiotics on and off. Liver enzymes, including total protein/albumin/globulin, all normal. Actually, everything is normal other than the TIBC, UIBC, and the low ferritin. When seeing low ferritin, I expected to have high TIBC/UIBC, not low, so that threw me way off. I was told that it was most likely an insignificant finding considering that everything else within all of my labs are normal. Thyroid normal, Renal panel normal, metabolic normal, all CBC values normal.

I'm wondering if it could be my diet? Medications? I take Klonopin for anxiety. I'm taking the Iron, but I have to say I'm a bit nervous considering my Iron levels are fine even though my Ferritin is not. It just seems like the puzzle pieces aren't quite fitting. Is it true that low Ferritin is just the beginning of Iron Deficiency Anemia? From what I've read, it appears that Ferritin is the first to drop low. I just don't understand the low TIBC/UIBC unless it has to do with diet/deficiency or the Chronic Lyme. Everything I've read says that once you are low in your ferritin stores, your TIBC should be high. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!

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