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How dangerous is very low iron saturation level at 14 and serum level at 4 is.?
I dont know exactly how dangerous it is, but your body is working with a huge handicap - like a fire trying to burn when it is being starved of air. Virtualy every process in your body neds oxygen, and with these low iron levals, the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood is greatly reduced. Low iron also reduces immunity, and a host of other things besides.

A course of iron supplements would make a huge difference to your life and your health.

Most people will need to take iron for between 3 and 6 months to build up the bodys iron reserves.

A daily miltivitamin like Centrum can also be a big help, by providing all the ancilary facotrs the body needs, and in the long term, providing enough iron each day to keep you in tip top condition.

But, most importantly, what is your doctor saying about these test results?

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