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Just got back from my first visit with hematologist. He said I have no iron in body at all.
My ferritin came back at 5. I am going to start Venofer next week, and quite frankly I am looking forward to it.
I am tired of being tired, and my hair is falling out like crazy.

I did forget to ask him one question which I am hoping someone on this board can answer.
Does low ferritin cause you to be cold all the time?

My ferritin came back at 5. Yes, I am exhausted all the time, get confused easily, I have no concentration at all, and alot of pain in my legs and arms.
I questioned him about this, and he said it all relates to the low ferritin.
I never knew about ferritin before. I only found out when I went to my Dermatologist for loss of hair....she took the test and said it was the ferritin causing my hair loss.
Just got done with my 5 infusions of venofer! Had no reaction at all.
My ferritin went from 5-152 in 5 weeks.
I started to get more ambition around the 3rd infusion, but I still get tired easily.
Hopefully now, my hair loss will lessen up.

For me this was the only route to go, as iron pills just constipate me, and over all make me feel lousy.
Crossing23 -

That's great you shot up to 152 so quickly. In November I also had a ferritin level of 5 and last month it was at a 40 (I've been taking prescription iron pills). I also found out about my ferritin level when I went to see my doctor about hair loss. It seemed to start out of nowhere. 5 months after iron pills and a ferritin of 40 I'm still shedding a lot of hair, but it's a lot less than what I was losing in the beginning. I'm also seeing A LOT of re-growth all over my head!

How much hair have you been losing? Has it slowed down at all? Did you doctor tell you how long it would take for the shedding to slow/stop?

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