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Re: So confused~
Mar 20, 2010
Thank you Jonnstar and Mbbasketball!

I agree, iron deficiency SHOULD be within the competence of a PCP, but sadly in this case (with my PCP) it is not. I would love to see a hemotologist (or anyone that will listen to me), but I currently live in a small town and my choice of doctors is very limited. This doctor was so rude to me I am seriously scared to seek another opinion wondering if it is all in my head?

But, with documented low ferritin, I think that it is reasonable to want my new numbers just to know where I stand. Especially with a somewhat low (although not yet anemic) hemoglobin.

Plus, after my ferritin was 8, I became pregnant and had my 2nd daughter. I was totally anemic my whole pregnancy (which my midwives neglected to tell me). I went into pre-term labor (I wonder if the anemia contributed to that possibly?). My hair was falling out SO bad. This was all while taking a prenatal vitamin.

After I had my daughter my hemoglobin and hematocrit dropped so much that finally my midwives were concerned and they sent me home with some supplemental iron (I think that's pretty standard for postpartum moms). I think that boosted my iron back up to "normal", although my hair has continued to fall out. Since then, I've been nursing (which has kept me from having a period), and taking a daily prenatal vitamin. Yet still my hemoglobin is "low"? Hmmm... Makes me wonder. I'm scared about what will happen when I start getting my period again.

Mbbasketball - I did have a TSH test, which was normal. However, I did not have a full iron panel workup because my doctor totally wrote me off... :mad:

I got some iron at Wal-Mart yesterday, it says that it's 65mg of iron which is equivalent to 325mg of Ferrous Sulfate. When I took iron supplements before it was a perscription for 325 mg of Ferrous Sulfate so I figured that would probably be good. Any thoughts?

Also, I've heard doctors refer to the hematocrit number as your "iron" number. Is this correct? The doctor didn't actually do an iron test so I'm just wondering... Anyways, thanks in for the help! I really appreciate all the feedback :)
Re: So confused~
Mar 20, 2010
Thank you for the info! So sad that you practically have to BE a doctor anymore to get adequate treatment from one! They don't even know how to order the right tests anymore... Even when you ask them specifically for the right tests! Sad!

Here are my TSH results:
TSH 1.326 Ref: 0.49-4.67 uIU/ml

That is the highest it's ever been; it's usually on the low side and when I was first pregnant it actually went pretty low - 0.169. At about 4 months pregnant it was back up to normal at 0.633.

I did go ahead and buy some OTC iron, 65mg of Nature Made (I believe - the yellow bottle kind they sell at Wal-Mart). It says it's equivalent to 325mg Ferrous Sulfate. Any idea how much I should be taking? I figured I would start with one a day, plus my prenatal which has some iron in it too. Does that sound like too much? THIS is why I wanted some help from a doctor... Thank goodness for the wonderful, knowledgable people out there (you guys) willing to help me - I really, REALLY appreciate it! :)
Re: So confused~
Mar 21, 2010
Hi again - yes I am taking a multivitamin - it's actually the prenatal that my midwife prescribed me while pregnant. I don't know how much iron it has in it, I know it's nowhere close to 325 mg though! haha...

I don't know what to do about the supplements. I'll see if I feel better from taking one a day, if not I might bump it up to two. I am just hesitant because I know that iron overdose can occur, and at the moment my hemoglobin is just low of normal, not super deficient or anything (even though it wasn't really too deficient when my ferritin was at 8).

I'm just a scaredy cat - haha... I don't even like to take tylenol and things of that nature unless instructed to by a doctor. Lol...

How long does it take to bring up ferritin levels? 6 months to a year?

Thanks again for the help~ :)

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