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Re: So confused~
Mar 20, 2010
your ferritin at 8 is way too low. Before taking any supplements, get yourself to a hematologist. I have a very good one and he keep my levels at least 70. I have not ran into any doctors who will consider anything blow 10 with with hgb below the low end of normal any concern. If your ferritin keeps dropping which it will if you are still getting your period, you will be come anemic. For some reason, my body does not retain ferritin. I do not get my period anymore. But my hematologist checks my ferritin every 4 months.
I would suggest that you take your labs to a hematologist. As a side note, to have healthy hair, your ferritin should be around 70. I know my hair starts to fall out more when my levels goes below 50.
Beside the ferritin, you should have your thyroid checked(TSH) and so get the full panel iron test ie TIBC.
I was not taken seriously until I had a major ulcer bleed which left me with hgb or 8 and ferritin of 2. Then I was referred to a hematologist and a gastro doctor.
But for years I had pica where I ate tons of ice all the time. This went on for more than 8 years. At my worst I was eat about 5-10lbs of ice a day. Not good for your teeth. But I was always told my labs were normal. I was on near needing transfusion.
You really, really need your ferritin and full iron panel done first. Find yourself a new doctor.

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