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What does this mean, could be internal bleeding of a hiatal hernia...but maybe not. Also having gall bladder pains. Could it be Leukemia or colon cancer? All dips have occurred since 7/2008/. Clean colonoscopy in 2004. No Celiac symptoms or weight loss.

Name Standard Range 3/16/10
HCT, AUTO (Low-Anemia) (Below Low Standard) 37-47 % 31.0
HGB (Anemic) (Below Low Standard) 12.0-16.0 g/dL 9.8
MCH (Low-Anemia) (Below Low Standard) 27-35 pg 22.7
MCHC (Low-Anemia) (Below Low Standard) 32-37 g/dL 31.6
MCV (Low-Anemia) (Below Low Standard) 81-99 fL 71.8
PLATELETS, AUTO CNT (Big change in 4 days)130-400 thou/mm3 258
RBC, AUTO (Falling)(From Bone Marrow) 4.2-5.4 mil/mm3 4.32
RDW, BLOOD (High) 10.2 to 14.5% 17.5
WBC'S AUTO (Normal but falling) 4.0-11.0 thou/mm3 6.7
MPV 7.4-10.4 fL 10.1

CHOLESTEROL (Almost) <200 mg/dL 208
HDL >/=40 mg/Dl 55
LDL CALCULATED (Much Closer) <100 mg/dL 130
TRIGLYCERIDE <150 mg/dL 117
FERRITIN 13-150 ng/M 4.6
They also say:
18160 ng/mL or 18160 mcg/L

IRON (LOW) 37-145 mcg/dL 22
IRON SAT (LOW) 20-50 % 6

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