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It would depend on a few things. Are you still having your period? Do you have any other symptoms that might lead her to suspect you have a malabsorption issue that would warrant a referral to a GI specialist (ostensibly to do the upper and lower endoscopy)? Often, with pre-menopausal women it's concluded that monthly menstrual bleeding is causing the anemia. It doesn't have to necessarily be heavy bleeding either, but just enough to get you a bit low. If you are absorbing iron (which it sounds like you are), then supplementing is a first step.

If it were ME (and I am an anemia patient, not a doctor), I would ask her what her suspicions are as to what is causing the anemia. When I was diagnosed, I was complaining about all sorts of stomach issues and I even had referred pain that turned out to be from a bladder infection. The doctor felt it was likely something going with my stomach so she sent me to the GI doctor and we did the tests. I tried to tell her that I felt it was my heavy periods, but it wasn't until I had the GI tests and they were negative that I felt she finally heard me. By then, the anemia was markedly worse.

Maybe give us a bit more info on the discussion you had with the doctor so we can know what she thinks is causing it.


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