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So frustrated
Mar 30, 2010
I am a 49 year old female who has been battling anemia for about a year. I had a superficial clot and was placed on Warfarin last May. During routine testing, I was found to have a hemoglobin of 6 and received a blood transfusion. All GI testing was normal. I'm still on Warfarin because there might be a chance I have protein C deficiency, but can't be sure until I am off the Warfarin for at least two weeks to be tested. Hemotologist doesn't want me off of Warfarin at this time. Have been on oral iron faithfully since last May. Hemoglobin only went up to 10.7 at the highest.

I thought my periods might have been heavy but they were normal for me. I really had no issue with periods until placed on Warfarin. I began having longer and longer periods every month. This month I have been flowing for over thirty days. Genocologist says I need a D & C but I am anemic. DUH!!! Won't do one until hemo comes up and then I have to be off of Warfarin for five days. I have had one iron transfusion (Verofen) last week. Hemotologist said to do two more this week and two next week.

Hemoglobin was down to 9 last week before iron. I am still to take oral iron at this time. I feel like I am bleeding to death and no one gives a crap. I'm getting more and more tired every day - mentally I am exhausted. I work full time and am going to college at night to get my teaching degree. I just needed to vent - sorry so long.

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