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hopefully you will start to feel better, but it will take a little while, i had symptoms similiar to you, in fact i felt like my body was slowly shutting down,
ear problems
swallowing problems
balance problems
stomach pains
upset stomach
shooting pains

got blood test iron was 9.9 and ferritin 6.
3x300mg of ferrous sulphate[/font]
9 months later blood test iron 11 ferritin 50
doc took me off pills
although most of symptoms gone, i still didnt feel 100 %
so i am taking otc iron supplement 85mg of iron daily.
It is now a year and i feel 85% better and everyday is a plus in the right direction.
Things like this do get better but it takes a little longer than we hope or think it will.
Hang in there[/QUOTE]

I deal with severe anxiety too and this past weekend I was freaking out the entire weekend since we went 9 hours away to a huge business conference, etc and 9 hours back so that had me freaking out all weekend. I'm sure that didn't help my anemia and things by any means. It's been about a day since we got back and I feel worse than I was but I saw a doctor today and they said to wait it out for a week or so and see if it's just my body feeling super low and getting over the adrenaline from severe anxiety all weekend, etc. Got a copy of my blood test results and my Ferritin is at 8 and my iron is 12, my vitamin B12 for some reason is super high at 785. I don't know what transferrin saturation is but it's low at 0.16.

The thing that's been bugging me the most since we got back is feeling nauseous, no real appetite, almost falling over walking, it feels like the world is surreal and kind of spinning. Been having tingly-ish arms, the part that's been bugging me the most is my chest's been feeling super weird and kind of hard to breathe and swallow and random little chest pains here and there. Egh. I get stabbing pains in my head too and everything.

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