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Hi out there!! My name is Jenny I am about 5 1/2 years post Gastric Bypass RNY I have been dealing with Low Ferritin Levels for about 3 years...maybe a bit more. My Ferritin levels have been as low as 6 and only as high as 9 for the last 3 years! So here are some of my Labs:
Ferritin = 7 LOW
Vitamin D 22.2 (range is 32.0-100.0) LOW
Hgb 11.9 (range 11.0-18)
Hct 35.2 (range 35-60)
RDW 13.9 High (range 11.6-13.7)

From what I read my other irons (Hgb and Hct) are on the very bottom of normal and if I let the Ferritin continue to drop then the others will too.
OK I have been taking iron pills and I HATE it!! The pills make my tummy hurt they don't raise my Ferritin and I can't POOP(FOR DAYS, like 3)! So then I get problems with my bum! NO FUN!

I want to have Iron Infusion and I'm going to ask for it. This has been going on LONG enough. I'm tired all the time, I'm freakin' cold all time, I get headaches at least 12-15times a month. I'm only 31. I live in a small town and there are no specialist. My PCP mentioned IV Iron and so I've been reading that Im not alone. Also lately randomly i will get crazy heart beats then I get dizzy and sweat like I have run 10miles..almost like I'm going to drop (one day I sweat through my choir robe at church).

Please respond if you have any advice. Thanks guys I really appricate it!

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