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[QUOTE=antisocialite;4226910]Firstly, I have not gone to a doctor and honestly I don't plan on it for a few reasons. I'm not expecting a 100% answer here, just opinions. Also I have no other conditions or problems that I am aware of or was ever told about when I did go to a doctor.

Can anemia, specifically iron deficency anemia make you have a harder time losing weight?

Even when I exercise, eat pretty healthy or don't eat much at all I don't notice much weight loss, maybe only a pound or two. I don't eat meat, which I read can be a big iron supplement and I don't eat many of the other foods that are big on iron. Also I don't take any vitamins except a B.

I have some other symptoms such as: sometimes when I take a shower I get dizzy and nauseated out of nowhere, my nails are often brittle looking (when I get out of the shower they are practically transparent for a while after). I have some hair loss which I know isn't hereditary and I'm too young for. I am really pale, when I look at younger pictures of me I was more tan back then. I also read depression and malaise can be symptoms which I often have.

Now from just reading this, do you think this could be my problem? Or do you have anything else in mind? I plan on buying and taking iron vitamins in small recommended doses but I will stop if I notice anything bad, if this is the case.[/QUOTE]

First of all you should never supplement with iron unless you have a DX from medical doctor. What comes first to my mind, is the quesetion, have you had your thyroid tested? It also mimics [B]the same exact symptoms [/B]as anemic, I have learned that first hand, and often times it can coexist. So, that is what I would check first a simple blood test. I know you said that you weren't going to see a doctor, at least that was my understanding, correct me if I am wrong.

I would not think in my opinion that it would cause a problem with weight loss usually anemia can cause nausea and lack of appetite resulting in weight loss. However, thyroid can and will cause this problem, so that is what I would check out. Many people with Hypothyroidism are also anemic with a low ferritin. Take care.. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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