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I am new to this forum and in a pretty desperate state and wondering if anyone has been in a similar position to me.

I have always been extremely healthy, a sport for every season plus loads of running and cycling, an excellent diet and don't drink nor smoke. However just over a year ago a number of problems began. It started off in April 2009 with neck and spine pain, severe chills, and a low white blood cell count. I didn't think much of it - just possibly that I had some sort of virus and possibly a sports injury. By the summer I had an increase in bruising, nausea and only able to eat very small portions of certain solid foods, my menstrual cycle slowed from always regular to once every 3 months, intense itching like I've never experienced almost as if it's in my muscles, breathlessness and swollen lymphnodes in my neck. My doctor said it was most likely a virus as my white blood cell count was still low. By October there had been no improvement and I was referred to a hematologist. While waiting for an appointment my hemoglobin suddenly dropped to 9.5.

None of my problems have been resolved, I'm still bruising easily, my neck, spine and pelvis are still extremely painful and feels as if it's in my joints, the nausea and only eating very small portions of solids persists, my white blood cell count is still low and I'm still anemic despite intensive iron treatment of IV iron and 3x a day ferrous sulphate. On top of this my skin is extremely sensitive with red patches, so dry it bleeds and I have to wear really light clothes as any sort of touch causes it to bleed, lightheaded and absolutely exhausted. The only improvement is that the lymphnodes went down last month.

I've had a ct scan of my abdomen, chest and pelvis and a load of blood tests looking for rare things but no cause has been found and my anemia is normocytic as my ferritin levels are all fine so it's not associated with iron deficiancy. My doctors keep referring to me as very 'unusual' and don't seem to have any more answers or plan. I honestely cannot go on like this, I'm only 25 and feel as if my body is slowly shutting down

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