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I don't know if it's because of my anxiety and my anemia but has anyone else here dealt with both at the same time?

I'm dealing with all the fun symptoms of being dizzy, nauseous, shaky, cold then hot, ringing ear, no real appetite, breathing issues, kind of hard to swallow sometimes, arms are tingly, heart races, palpitations...blah. My ferritin is 8 and my iron is 12, so it isn't 'severe' but still enough to seriously make me feel broken. :(

I'm just wondering though if anyone else has dealt with this the same as me, since i'm new to feeling this insanely crappy I don't know what a 'normal' feeling is for this all. When I took the iron I was prescribed, 300mg of ferrous gluconate three times a day, but even taking one would make me start shaking really badly, my chest would hurt and my heart would get kind of weird on I don't know if the dosage was just too much or what. The supplement i'm taking now is a far less dose but it's also completely natural, so i'm not sure if it's just a mix of my anxiety and anemia that's making my chest act up like this or what.

I'm pretty 'kid sized' i'm 21, 5'2 and about 95lbs. now, I think I lost more weight. :( I think the dosage of the iron I got prescribed was just too high for my body to handle, especially after I had a huge anxiety attack that wound me up in the hospital. Anyways, long rambling short, has anyone else dealt with weird stabby chest pains, racing heart and hard to breathe feeling?

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