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Re: Iron Dosage
May 1, 2010
[QUOTE=Mittsp;4237259]I feel exhausted and out of breath. My blood count was 8 and my doctor advd to take ferrous sulphate twicw a day 2 hrs after food. Can I take additional iron supplement 2 help? I am taking part in a 30 miles bike ride at the end of the month and need to build up my energy levels. Wot else can I take to help?[/QUOTE]

Sorry to tell you that it is not advisable to participate in such an event until your blood levels are at a normal range. Omg!!! People [B]shock[/B] me because they don't take anemia as serious as it is, meaning you are putting STRESS on your internal organs. Anemia is a lack of oxygen to the blood cells that feed oxygen to the heart, just as one example. It has been documented that people that are anemic are at risk, shall I say nicely, for other events to happen. You can take more iron most likely under the supervision of your doctor, but it will take at least a couple months to build your Hgb to safe levels. An 8 Hgb is Moderate Anemia nothing to take lightly at all, not that you are. Just a warning to you to be safe, K? I still take Poly iron 150 mgs which is a script iron or OTC iron meaning you can have a scrip written for it and you only pay for what you are RX'ed for OR you can buy it by the box for the original cost which is not usually covered by insurance but is very affordable. This particular iron also has Vit-C for iron absorption already added and 150 mgs of elemental iron in each dose. Take care. FLFLOWRGIRL:)

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