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For two years I have dealt with my hair thinning, muscle weakness, ears ringing, heart palputation, slightly high blood pressure, and being very tired. I went to the doctor several times for each separate symptom and all of my test came back normal. Last week I was praying about my thinning hair and I had a dream that I asked the doctor to check my iron levels. I went the next day and had my iron levels checked. My results were: iron 20ug/dl, %saturation 4, and ferritin 6.7. My doctor now has me taking ferrous sulfate 325mg 2x a day.
Am I anemic?
Should I be very concerned with these results? Are they extremely low?
I have very heavy periods. Will my iron levels improve with very heavy periods? If not, any suggestions?
Will my hair grow back?
Are my symptoms the result of my low iron levels?
Finally, when will I start to feel better and will an iron IV raise my iron levels faster?
Thanks - LBA
Your Ferritin levels seem extremely low.
In comparison my levels are Ferritin 24ug/L (Ref Range15-165), Iron 27umol/L (Ref Range7-27).
i myself am trying to raise my ferritin levels.
I would advise you get a full blood test. Which includes Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B and also a full blood report on your hormorne levels.
I had my hormorne levels and iron levels towards the lower end and extremely low Vitamin D levels. I too have serious long term hairloss. Further investigations into my hormorne levels showed that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The good part is that I am now getting the help I need. ;)

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