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Hello everyone,
I am a 17 year old girl, and I am currently suffering the worst fatigue I've ever felt. I need at least 2 naps just to get through my day, I can barely get up in the morning and constantly fall asleep and can't pay attention in class. For the past 4 years, or ever since I started my period I have had low ferritin (usually 10-15), and have been tired often. However, this exhaustion is 100x worse, and has been happening for about 5 weeks... right now my ferritin is a 18 (the highest in 4 years) and my vitamin d is a 27. I'm on 4 supplements a day, 2 vitamin d, an antidepressant, and nuva ring. My doctor doesn't really know why I'm so fatigued, but she told me to take the supplements for 2 more months and come back, but I feel worse everyday. Also, I am a runner (just finished a track season, where I could barely run) and I know that sometimes affects anemia. Also, my legs are heavy and hurt and feel restless at night.
Any help is appreciated!

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