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Hi bellagal,

I haven't had anymore injections since we last spoke, after having the initial 6 jabs I'm now only meant to have one injection every three months. So I haven't seen my doctor since we last spoke either, I don't think they like it if I make too many appointments, you have to wait weeks and a lot of the time they don't seem very helpful. Anyway I'm due to have my 7th injection by a nurse at the end of August, then I will have a blood test to check my B12 levels. Then in September I will see my doctor, I will ask him then about Fibro and if I should see a rhumatologist. I don't feel any better, my legs, feet and neck ache SO much. Do your legs hurt a lot? I have a book on tmj/Fibro, I'm not convinced I have Fibro because it says tender points around the knees, with me it's my calves and upper legs. And with me it's more like my legs just generally ache all the time! I started to get stomach pain and I thought it could be down to the d3 forte so I stopped taking it, but I'm trying again, I started taking it again the other day, I read someone say it really helped their tmj. It's been hot recently so I've been in the garden getting some vitamin d from the sun. But I use suncream sometimes and I read that it can stop you getting the vitamin d, so I use suncream to stop myself getting skin cancer but then I get a vitamin d deficiency instead lol.

Have you had the heart scan now? They don't know why my B12 is so low either, they still give me injections though. 58 is low, I mean mine was 91 and that's low, someone said to me "I can't imagine what a level of 91 is doing to you because mine was higher and I was so ill" etc. I was worried at first about having the injections because of side effects, but someone said to me "with a level of 91 you shouldn't wait around, start the injections now". Why can't they investigate why your B12 is low and give you B12 injections at the same time? I've never heard about anyone having to wait before, do they think the B12 jabs could make you worse for some reason? Haven't you seen another doctor yet for a second opinion about the B12 because I think you should? That makes two of us, I'm sick of being sick and in pain as well. Lol of course I've gotten this far, feel free to moan. I'm sorry you're suffering so much, who knows maybe you will start to feel a bit better when you get your B12 levels up and you get over the pneumonia. You're in my thoughts, speak to you soon.

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