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[QUOTE=jonnstar;4257602]It may be then that the low B12 leval was coincidental, [B]and your ill health has some other cause[/B]. However, I would give it some more time before you make that assumption.

I take it you have had your heamoglobin, ferretin and thyroid checked?

Do ask your doctor if you can take a multivitamin with iron, it might make a difference to your wellbeing.[/QUOTE]

I was thinking the same, that my ill health could have some other cause. Is it possible that your B12 can be 91 and not have symptoms?

My doctor gave me another blood test to investigate why my B12 is low, he said the rest of my blood work is normal but I'm not sure of all the things he checked for. He can't think of a reason why my B12 is low unless it has something to do with my diet, but I eat a lot of meat and dairy products. However I don't eat cereal anymore and I don't drink tea, so I'm losing out on some milk there, but could that alone cause my B12 to drop that low?

My doctor said my iron is fine so I don't need to take anything.

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