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[QUOTE=TracyRae;4259339]I know it's confusing but there are always 2 possibilities. If you have a B12 deficiency, like I do, you have megaloblastic anemia. That is anemia from B12 deficiency. To have pernicious anemia, you lack intrinsic factor, a product of the somach, that takes B12 from food and distributes it throughout the body. To find out of you have pernicious anemia, they do what is called a "schilling test". It's too hard to explain so if you are curious, look it up under search. But if they have never done that, than you must just be deficient. I have been getting B12 shots for 10 years because I had been anemic when it was discovered, and even with the shots my B12 level dropped to 324, which they consider anemic, so I am now getting my shots twice a month instead of once, just to get my levels back up. It does take time to build it, but normal levels of B12 are 180-914. Although most Drs. tend to think under 500 is anemic. So they prefer you to be at the higher end.[/QUOTE]

But I read somewhere that megaloblastic anemia is also called pernicious anemia? My doctor told me that I don't have anemia, he checked my intrinsic factor, he said he doesn't know why my B12 level is so low unless it's to do with my diet...but I'm not a vegetarian, my diet is varied. You mention that anything above 180 is in the 'normal range', but you also say that most doctors reckon that anything under 500 is considered anemia, so they are saying that anemia is considered normal?

Interestingly my B12 went up from 91 to 101 BEFORE I started my injections, I had the blood test before I took any shots, I only got the results last week. My doctor is going to check my B12 again after my next shot in late august, then we will see if the injections have helped.

What type of B12 are you injected with, Cyanocobalamin?

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