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I just received my CBC results from my doctor this morning. He said all levels were normal, but after doing some research on here and other medical websites I'm not sure. Below are my numbers:

WBC: 4.8
RBC: 3.57
Hemoglobin: 12
Hematocrit: 34.8
MCV: 97
MCH: 33.7

The reason for the blood work was because for the past year I've been experiencing some unusual symptoms for me...feeling faint, weak, trouble concentrating & remembering, feeling very "out of it", and a lot of digestive issues (which my dr. said was IBS and did no further testing). Then in the past month or two I started getting headaches and feeling dizzy and almost on the verge of passing out several times. At times the way I've felt has been VERY scary to me.

I looked up the symptoms of B12 anemia and felt like that really could be the answer. And after getting these "normal" test results and asking my doctor if B12 could be an issue, he told me no. Now I'm back to square one and I don't feel ANY better.

If anyone could please let me know what their levels were and if mine seem abnormal or low/high, I would be SOOOO grateful!! I'm just looking for some answers and support.

Thank you! :)

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