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Your MCV and MCH are just very slightly low and probably not low enough to warrant any concern unless they persist in being low for several months or begin getting much lower. For what it's worth, 5% of the healthy population will exhibit readings on a CBC panel outside of the normal range on any given day, so it's entirely possible that these minimally low readings are simply a matter of random chance. Some people also simply have slighly smaller blood cells (and lower MCV) as part of their normal makeup. In that case, the person might also be expected to have a low MCH, or total amount of hemoglobin contained in the red cell, as you do.

The reference, or normal, ranges listed on your lab printout are the ones you should be concerned with. Different labs and different machines have different reference ranges and so you can't validly compare someone else's reference ranges to your result and get any meaningful interpretation. Your lab should recalculate the reference ranges periodically so that they always reflect the average results for the lab's patient population.

All in all these results are not remarkable. You should have the CBC rerun the next time you see your doctor to see whether the slightly low levels persist.

[QUOTE=amarula;4251211]I got my results back recently. The testing was done as ENT couldn't figure out why I'm having lump in throat issues. He thought it was reflux and gave me a PPI which was useless basically. Anyway, so now we're one step in a concrete direction finally and I can hopefully figure out what to do next and find a more helpful doctor.

Results seems somewhat normal (I'm only posting the CBC section) and to me they seem mostly okay, but I'd really appreciate your experience & input on this. Seems like even blood test isn't giving an answer as to why I feel like this. :(

WBC - 6.6 Range 4-12
RBC - 4.98 Range 3.5-5.5
Hemoglobin - 13.2 Range 12-15
Hemotocrit - 38.5 Range 36-45
MCV - 77 Range 80-100
MCH - 26.5 Range 27-33
MCHC - 34.3 Range 31-37
Platelet Count - 313 Range 150-400

I'm an otherwise healthy 28 y/o female w/ proportional height/weight, etc. MCV & MCH are low on this ref range but I don't know how backward or with the times the ranges they used are. Any info on the 2010 ranges would be great too.

Thank you so much.[/QUOTE]

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