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[QUOTE=jonnstar;4252510]You could try taking the iron along with a vitamin c tablet - this improves iron absorbsion, you could increase te dose of the iron (ie 2 tablets a day instead of one)

However, you might need injected iron insted of oral.

Have you had your B12 and folate checked?

It might be an idea to start taking vitamin D 2000iu per day to get that leval up - these pills are avaliable cheeply over the counter.

I presume you are already taking a daily multivitain/mineral like Centrum as well as oral iron?[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes I do take all of those things. I actually take a 50,000iu a week of Vitamin D along with the muti. I usually take 2 or 3 iron per day. Along with those I end up having to take Stool Softners due to the effects of so much iron. I haven't had my B12 or Folate checked that I know of. When I go in next month I will also ask for those.
I am a very busy person with Full time working mother and as well I am an amature repretory theatre Actor/Director. So the lack of or Low iron and what not don't help with my energy levels and my PCP doesn't seem to think its that big of a deal. However while it may not be yet if it doesn't get better I know it will be a huge deal soon if they don't get under control.

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