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B12 Too Low... Why?
May 29, 2010
I have B12 deficiency anemia. It was discovered 10 years ago & at first they Dr. assumed it was iron and put me on that. 3 Mos later when RBC was rechecked,my numbers stayed the same so they kept me on the iron and rechecked in another 3 mos. By then my RBC had dropped more so they tested for B12 & found that was it. I think....if I remember correctly, I started on shots once a week for a month, then once every month and have been getting them ever since. My RBC has been fine, I have it checked every year. This year out of the blue my RBC was low (normal starting at 380, mine was 373), so they have upped my B12 shots to twice a month for 3 mos and will then retest my B12 levels (my B12 level when checked was 324 which is the lower side of low). I also was doagnosed with hypothyroidism last year,got it undercontrol last Fall,and now this year my TSH was 5.9 which my Drs.consider to be too high.....they prefer a number in the 1-2 range. So now along with the B12 shots I am also slowly increasing my synthroid levels and am now taling apill of 112mcgs daily. My question is why would my B12 suddenly become low when I have been getting monthly shots of it for 10 years? That just seems weird to me, but I have copies of my numbers & results and have seen for myself. Thanks.
I think the reference range for B12 is 200 - 600, so you are well within normal limits.

Did they recheck your iron, ferretin etc to check your iron status was ok? What about folate?

Could it be that the Synthroid has sped up your metabolism, thus making your body chew through the B12 more quickly? This is nothing but a guess, i have no evidence that such a thing can happen, but it might be worth asking your doctor about.
Yes, my iron and iron binding capacity and ferritin were all great. From what I have read Drs. don't like patients at the "low end" of the B12 scale and that's where I am at 324. I guess they prefer you way higher. My papers state the "normal" reference range for B12 is 180-914. But in my recent readings it says anything below 500 is onsidered anemic. I think labs need the gets their "norms" straight. I am going to make an appt with my NP next week and ask alot of questions.
[QUOTE=jonnstar;4258105]I think the reference range for B12 is 200 - 600, so you are well within normal limits.

From what I heard it depends on the country. I think in the UK they only treat you when your B12 is under 150, but in Japan it can be anything under 500...

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