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Re: Anemia?
Jun 13, 2010
tracijo67--Welcome to the boards!! :wave:

I can most definitely understand you wanting answers. Just so you know you ARE definitely anemic, however, moderately. An uneducated guess would be malabsorption due to your gastric bypass. You have not given complete lab work either. There are literally pages of labs for someone that has had a GB as you have had. So you may need more testing if you haven't already. It can be typical for post GB patients to have malabsorption, also if you are not being compliant with supplements this does happen. It can also be many other things. I would suggest you seeing a GI doc and Hematologist. Many patients go on to have IV iron infusions in this case. Do follow up with your doctor asap. Keep us posted. We are here for your support. Take care.
Re: Anemia?
Jun 13, 2010
Thank you to everyone for your responses. I have had a number of other labs done, although to my uneducated eye, they looked OK. I had a basic metabolic panel done; all were within normal ranges (at least, they appeared to fall within the standard) except the ANION GAP which was a 6. I had a lipid panel done as well - cholesterol was slightly high (202 within a standard range of 0-199) and TSH which also fell within normal ranges. My B-12 was 234 in a range of 239-931, so slightly low. Magnesium and phosporous were well within normal. Urine panel listed below (I don't know how to read it) with my results highlighted. I was menstruating at the time the urinalysis was done. I am wondering -- are there other tests that should be done? The bariatric surgeon who performed my gastric bypass has retired, and I am relying on my family practitioner for assistance. He acknowledges that he doesn't know a lot about post-operative malabsorption issues. Thank you to everyone who has assisted. I do not, as one person warned, put 100% stock in advise I'm given via the internet, but I *do* assume that many people here have gone through something similar to what I'm going through, and are as a result well educated about anemia and probably moreso than I am about "normal" and "abnormal" results.

SP GR [B]1.005 [/B]1.005 - 1.03
LEUK [B]Negative[/B] NEG -
NITR [B]Negative[/B] NEG -
PH [B]5.5[/B] 4.5 - 8.0
PROT [B]Negative[/B] NEG - mg/dl
GLUC [B]Negative [/B]NEG -
KET [B]Negative[/B] NEG -
UROB [B]0.2[/B] 0.2 - 1.0 EU/dl
BILI [B]Negative [/B]NEG -
BLOOD[B] Lrg [/B]NEG -
RBC'S [B]4-7[/B] 0 - 3 /hpf
WBC'S [B]0 0[/B] - 5 /hpf
BACT [B]0[/B]
CASTS [B]0 [/B]/lpf

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