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You should check (and post) the reference (i.e., normal) ranges from your lab report, which are important to know in evaluating the severity of low blood counts. For example, I have seen RBC reference ranges with low limits of anywhere from 4.0 to 4.7. When I follow these results over time I prefer to look at the percentage a result is below the lower limit in order to smooth out differences in the reference range.

Assuming your RBC reference range's low end is somewhere between 4.2 and 4.7, your RBC count and hemoglobin levels are low enough to warrant further investigation. HGB of 12 in a male is not low enough to constitute anemia for most purposes, but clearly is below any standard reference range.

It would help to have your HCT (hematocrit, or percentage of blood volume comprised of hemoglobin), MCV (red blood cell volume), RDW (range of red cell sizes), WBC (white blood cell count) and PLT (platelet count) results to make these results more usable.

There are probably other test results that led your doctor to order a CT scan, as the results you have posted in and of themselves are not specific enough to identify a particular organ to CT.

[QUOTE=jonalston;4266592]Had blood work done.

Results showed

RBC 3.6

Hemoglobin 12.2

MCH 34

Nurse called and scheduled a CT scan.... Doctor is out of town and now I am left wondering how bad these tests show I am. It seems ordering a CT scan indicates he must suspect something is really out of order. Does anyone have thoughts on this[/QUOTE]

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