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While I had venofer many years ago and had no side effects, I do believe that there are newer treatments. I have heard of one called Ferene that is very new and here is what I heard about the treatment. It does involve an IV, but is given in a very short time in a large syringe (takes a couple of minutes. The individual that had it said that their tongue went cold and numb for a bit after the treatment. 2 were administered in a short space of time. I don't know how well it helped though because the person only posted the info about the treatment a week ago. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about this.
[QUOTE=AmyD26;4267449]I have been extremely anemic my entire life. Multiple doctors have not found the reason for it.

My current lab results are:

Ferritin: 2
Hemoglobin: 8.2 (this is the highest it's been in a long time!)

My new hematologist wants to do venofer infusions. However, I had this 2 years ago, and after finishing the treatments, my levels only went up slighty (and I was still considered anemic). I had a few side effects last time, and frankly, I do not want to go through it again. He says this is my ONLY option.

I do not know where to go next. No one can find the reason for the anemia, and I feel that he venofer is going to be a waste of time (and money!). Physically, I feel fine. (I can't run a marathon, but I can do a mile a day plus chase after 3 kids without getting fatigued). The dr. says that with my numbers so low just walking should have me out of breath. So I seem to be doing ok.[/QUOTE]

Hi Amy, I can relate to you. I too have low levels of blood. My hemoglobin a 7.3 and my ferritin 3. I've been through the IV infusions. Started with Venefor and reacted to it so he stopped it immediately. Then I continued my infusions with Ferrecit for about 3 months. Stopped because I started to react negatively as well with back and shoulder pains. I just refuse to go through it again. I stopped seeing my doctor for a good 2 months and I'll be going back next week to hear about other options. I'm feeling tired again and my doctor is afraid of a heart attack because with levels so low, there's not enough oxygen supply to the major organs. However, my thing is if I've survived this long and never dropped then I can't stop now. I've always been on the go my whole life. I don't know what other options can possibly be, but I will share it with you when I find out since your doctor says there are no other options. : )

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