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I am hoping someone could shed some light on what happens if anemia is left untreated? Will it just rectify itself? My numbers have been dropping for some time now the lowest my hemoglobin got to was an 8 and ferritin of 5. I had IV iron therapy 3 months ago and the numbers crept up to Hemoglobin of 11 and ferritin of 8. However the IV iron treatment caused some terrible side effects so that is not an option again and over the month my numbers have begun to fall again and my current figures stand at:

Hemoglobin: 9.9
Ferritin: 7
MCH: 24
Hematocrit - 32%
MCHC: 28%
WBC - 3.5

Although this is only very mild anemia I am concerned that as I'm not responding to oral iron and can’t have IV iron whether there are any consequences or risks of my hemoglobin and ferritin continuing to fall and what could happen if I don't treat it? I was refered to a hematologist by my family physician but as they can't find out what is wrong with me they won't be seeing me again their only advice is to continue taking 3 ferrous sulphate tablets a day.

I have a multitude of other health problems which all developed alongside the anemia but no one has been able to figure out what is wrong with me - low white blood cells, low platalets, elevated liver function tests etc etc. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to function on a daily basis, I'm absolutely exhausted, lethargic, irritable and my mood has become completely unpredictable - I found myself welling up in tears this morning for no apparent reason. I also do a lot of triathlon training - swimming, cycling and running and wonder (on average 3hrs a day 5/6 days a week) and I don't know if this will make it any worse or actually a benefit, I push myself on a daily basis to get out and train in fear that if I stop or cut down I may find I give it up altogether (triathlons are a major part of my life). I feel as if I have reached a dead end, i'm struggling to function now and don't quite know how I will manage if this actually gets worse - (I don't know how the people on this board manage to get by with the really low numbers). I'm on the three iron tablets a day, which I take with vitamin c to try and enhance absorption, avoid caffiene and calcium with meals and have a very iron rich diet. Any advice would be much appreciated of anything else I can be doing to increase my levels or should be avoiding.

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