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Feeling Unsure
Jun 24, 2010
I have been chewing ice for 3 years now. I never really considered that it may indicate a problem. I've had a couple instances where my heart raced and crazy heart "flutterings" over the past 4 years or so. My periods are -extreme- but I never went to the doctor about anything. I just assumed I was getting older. Decided to lose weight 2 years ago so that I'd have more energy. Ate whole foods and worked out nearly every day. I felt good for over a year but still ate ice like a maniac. Then back in April, three months ago, I thought I was suffering from alergies. My chest felt weird all the time and I was out of breath. Since then, I've developed a host of other symptoms. Tingling lips and cheeks, cold all the time, mild to moderate chest pain, foggy mind and so.. so tired. My gums are white and people started asking me if I felt well. I noticed dark circles under my eyes and began to worry. Finally, last week, I went to see a Dr. ( I was forced by the military for an oversees move). Anyway, he told me I am anemic. My count is at 8.3 so I was started on supplements. This is day 8 and I tolerate the pills just fine but honestly, I feel worse. I think I finally accept that I am actually ill and now everything feels twice as bad. It's really depressing!

I go back in a month to recheck my levels. In the meantime, I have to start birthcontrol for heavy bleeding and continue supplements. I'm trying to eat high iron foods but I'm so tired I can barely shop, let alone cook. My husband is away in school for military and I have 2 months to do a million things to get my family ready for a move to Germany. I feel like I'll never feel like myself again. I want to feel normal. I want to be able to think. This anemia ticks me off so much. How do you all deal with taking care of yourselves when you just have no strength left? Are you as scared as I am?

Any words of comfort would be greatly appreciated. I really am feeling alone in this fight right now.

Thank you,

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