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Re: Feeling Unsure
Jun 24, 2010
You are not alone. I have had a lot of the same symptoms that you do. Mine started with being tired after having lost weight. I was working out a lot and needed to take naps everyday. Then I had gall bladder problems and thought the tiredness was due to the gall bladder. Found out I was anemic and was put on iron. Between dealing with the gallbladder and the iron I gained back the weight I had lost, was fatigued all the time and couldn't concentrate. I basically laid on my couch unless I was at work. I had pain in my chest and legs and also had breathing problems. I also craved ice. I would have all these symptoms on and off over the last two years. After I started taking the iron I started feeling better but not "normal". Then I saw a different doctor for a couple months and she put me on a higher dosage of iron. I finally am feeling more normal but am still dealing with the pain in the chest and shortness of breath. Tiredness has gotten a lot better where I can do housework and go out more.

The iron does take awhile to actually make a difference. There is a lot of good information in the anemia forums. Search those and you will find out that there are a lot of people are in the same situation you are.

If your problems persist and you don't feel you are improving go back and talk to your doctor. They may have to increase the iron dosage or look at other reasons that you are still having problems.

Good Luck.

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