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[QUOTE=japlopper;4277533]B12 is low, and hemoglobin is slightly low. When my B12 was 363, I was having severe neurological symptoms. If I were you I'd try supplementing with a good B-12 sublingual and get retested. If it doesn't work, you may need injections.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much for your response. :)

Here are my questions:

Well, my endocrinologist told me since I went from 10000 IU D3 to 2000 IU D3 I am now Vitamin D Deficient again (I was diagnosed six months ago with < 5 Vitamin D!) and he wants me to up it to 5000 IU D3.

So I guess this is my bottom line?

1. Vitamin D Deficiency AGAIN with dropping the D3. Have to up it to 5,000 IU D3
2. I now have Vitamin B12 Deficiency!
3. I am iron deficient, iron Deficiency Anemia

Is that correct to all you experts?

Also, where do I go from here?

1) I now have a B12 Deficiency... what would cause this? Just six months ago they ran a B12 back in December and my numbers were in the 350s so they dropped this much? What could cause this?
2) Why is my iron low? What could be causing low iron and is it connected to the B12?
3) Could I have that Pernicious anemia?
4) How could my B12 be low yet my Folate be okay?
5) Am I not absorbing nutrients for some reason and that's why both my Vitamin D and B12 are low? Could I have Celiac Disease. I read that bacteria in the stomach could cause B12 issues?
6) Is follow up testing necessary to find out why I have vitamin deficiencies and why my iron is low? What specialist/s should I see for all of this?

As you can tell, I am concerned over what is going on with my body. I just want a direct plan and of course to start feeling better.


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