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I've a similar problem and my doc says mine is severe iron deficiency anemia due to heavy mentrual bleeding which has been going on for at least 3 years ! i went down to as low as 1.5 ferritin, and 6 hemoglobin. but i was not given transfusion, just twice weekly IV iron sucrose, B12 shots and oral iron. i feel better now, with hgl up to around 9. though not yet as strong as i was before all these. one thing that really helped me was SLEEP - lots and lots of it. Lucky for me I had a very supportive and caring partner who supported me through these difficult times and allowed me to sleep for as much as 11 hours (plus some afternoon siesta !). I'm headed i think for a hysterectomy once my blood levels become acceptable ( hgl 12 is what the doc says). Tai chi has been very useful for me in terms of 'balancing' my state of mind, and promoting a general sense of well-being. I think it is the breathing method that has worked wonders for me. it goes something like this : stand with your feet slightly apart and weight distributed, knees slightly bent. imagine yourself hanging on a string from the sky, the string attached to the top of your head (this gives you a very good but relaxed posture.) then breath slowly and without a sound, mouth closed, tongue attached to the roof of your mouth. imagine the wind coming from the bottom tip of your spine, up the spine and neck, to the brain and finally out through the nostrils. it worked wonders for me !

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