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[QUOTE=feuss;4281252]Hi everyone, I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a B12 deficiency after complaining to the Dr of symptoms of balance and coordination problems ,minor short memory problems, word finding problems ( muddling words,trouble getting the right words),some cognitive issues. I was on P.P.I 's for four or so years so I think that is what caused my B12 depletion.I now have a shot every three months(which I do not think is enough) and I take a sublingual Methylcobalmin every day.A lot of the things have improved to a degree but I still have brain fog issues and word finding/speech hassles.I heard that recovery is very slow in the case of nerve repair/nerve damage.My anxiety does not help matters , in fact, it seems to make matters worse.Can anyone say how long it takes to see proper improvment ? I some times wonder if I will ever feel coherent and normal again,any help/assurance would be appreciated. Ferg.[/QUOTE]

Hi, I was also diagnosed with a cerebral folate/B12 deficiency about 3 months ago, and if it provides assurance, I can share my story. About a year ago I had a complete memory loss that didnt return for about 3 months. I had to relearn everything about my life during that period. I also developed daily migraine headaches that would not go away. I was put on a headache prevention pill, but it didn't work. I then started to have daily "false seizures" (what looks like a seizure but really isn't registered as one on an EEG) and violent twitching. I had an EEG done, but it showed nothing. Also during this period, i began to be dizzy and faint all the time, so I saw a cardiologist, and yet again...everything was normal. My mind was always foggy and I struggled to remember things. Even other body systems were affected (my breathing: my asthma got a LOT worse) My neurologist that I had been seeing then decided that there was nothing neurologically wrong with me and refused to see me anymore. Over the next 2 months, I suffered tremendously and was taken out of school to be homeschooled until everything got better because it became so unbearable. My mom was determined that something was medically wrong with me, and took em to a geneticist/neurologist. They immediately requested a muscle/skin biopsy and lumbar puncture to test. I continued to suffer for another 2 months until results came back. I was diagnosed with B12/Cerebral Folate Deficiency in April of 2010. I started on a treatment of folinic acid pills 3 times daily immediately, but i was vomiting them up every time i took them. By May, my doctors had adjusted my doseages, and I was doing very well. Holding down medecine, and not having seizure, memory loss, or twitches as often. The headaches had subsided too. I was even well enough to return for my last two weeks of school. The road to finding out what was wrong and finding out the right doseages etc. was a long and hard one, and it requires a lot of patience and tolerance while the doctors decide what's right for you, but trust will get better. Maybe the doseage isnt right (like it was for me) and they could fix it..but trust me, because I can tell you from my personal experiences, that once they can get the medecine right, everything gets better.

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